By the beginning of the summer, in the town of Altea, mysterious monsters suddenly appeared.
A girl defeated them with the help of a faithful familiar.
Her adventures had only one reason: to cure her grandmother with the legendary herb, the Silphium.

Special Thanks

St. Anger (English Translation)
360Altea (Photograph)
Marixa Gil (Photograph)
Pepo-sama (Photograph)


She is a girl about to attend her last year of secondary school.
She has a fox familiar called Piro and is very fond of him.
As a hobby, she does gymnastics.
He is Iris’s cousin, he attends the same school and class as her.
For some strange reason, he doesn’t get along with Piro since the day they first met.
His hobby is football.
She is Iris and Max’s secondary school classmate.
She is usually surrounded by bodyguards who watch over her.
Her hobby is doing all kinds of exercise.
She’s Iris and Max’s secondary school classmate, too.
She knows Piro quite well and intentionally keeps her classmates at a distance.
Her hobbies are drawing and painting.
She is a woman who works as a lawyer in a nearby city.
She loves her family very much so she tries to spend most of her time with them.
She is a woman who works as a nurse in the outer limits of a nearby town.
She tries to help her daughter as much as possible but she has a chaotic work schedule.
He is a fox familiar, a Kitsune, that currently lives with Iris, who he granted power.
He eats human food that her owner secretly gives him till he drops.


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